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SPARQL: These are the numbers we’re looking for


Shortly before Black Friday, one of my colleagues approached me with a curious question. “Mr. SVP XYZ was talking today about us creating a promo page of ‘stocking stuffers’. Do you think you could produce a list of products that might be ‘stocking stuffers’?”. After some discussion, we agreed that these products would be under $20 and be 5”x5” or smaller to qualify as a stocking stuffer. In a couple hours time we had a SPARQL generated list of 190 products (thank you @bsletten) on a promo page for anyone who searched for the ‘stocking stuffers’ phrase. A classic last minute, rogue (skunkworks?) effort.

I am pleased to present some of the results we had over a week’s time.

  • Page has more than double the conversion rate of the average page on the site (double digit conversion!)
  • Some products listed were sold out within days of page creation
  • List of products uncovers products we didn’t even realized we sold — my favorite: the Mossy Oak - 7-in-1 Fishing Tool with Bait Inserter
  • Shows the power of product discovery with SPARQL driving product insight

All in all, an interesting win for SPARQL/ Semantic technologies, plus a nice nugget to include in a presentation for our next semantic web product effort :-)

Check it out for yourself at http://www.bestbuy.com/site/promo/stocking-stuffers